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A Brief Edu of Online Casinos History

Edu Introduction

Online casinos have been around for more than a decade now. While that does seem like a long amount of time to a person living today, in historical terms that amount of time is really just a drop in the ocean. At the same time however, ten years in an electronic age is a lot more time than ten years in a pre-industrial age with respect to the advancement of technology and the progression of scientific understanding. For this reason, online casinos do have a history that is brief while at the same time being one that is expressive. As proof of this, a brief history of online casinos is outlined below.

The First Lap, 1995-1998

Online casinos can be argued to predate the year 1995, especially if you consider informal games that were created as part of projects in computer class or games that were run through e-mail between different people. However, the earliest forms of software that would be considered online casinos under modern circumstances were created and marketed to the public in 1995.

In that year and the two that followed, online casinos did not gain that much traction. The software was choppy, the graphics were bad and the legality and honesty of the people running the online casinos was in constant question. While they did gain some customers, the large portion of the population that was aware of the existence of online casinos really wanted nothing to do with them.

The First Boom, 1998-2000

In 1998, the dot com bubble was already quite impressive and was building at a very quick rate. In this environment where people were willing to sink enormous amounts of money into projects that were speculative at best, online casinos for the first time found themselves starting to flourish. The software and graphics had gotten much better (some of those graphical packages are still used today) and with people willing to take chances left and right on the internet, the honesty of the online casino operators seemed to take a back seat to the convenience of the online casino concept.

The Crash, 2000-2003

The dot com bubble crashed at the turn of the century and then less than two years later the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers in the United States ignited a worldwide recession that really took people to task for overspending and building up massive debt. People began to cut things out of their lives along the lines of entertainment and for that reason many online casinos went out of business. Only the most honest casinos with the best customer base were able to survive and they did so on very lean times.

The Second Boom, 2003-Present

With the victory of Chris Moneymaker at the 2003 World Series of Poker and the subsequent poker boom in the online community, online casinos were able to capitalize on that boom and bring themselves back to the main level of the internet. This second boom is still continuing, facilitating the launch of a new online casino every few days. Nobody knows how long the second boom will continue, but as you can see it is already the longest period of constant activity online casinos have ever seen.