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We rank and list the world’s most popular online casinos 2015 and every year.

Our first pick is this great online Vegas casino that simply is one of the world’s most popular online casinos. They have won tons of casino gambling awards! They also give away over $1100 to every player a year – one can gamble in Euro, £ or $. You can also try the casino games, first just for fun and then switch over any time to real money online casino gambling. Plus you don’t have to pay hotel bills and casino croupier tip like in land based casinos.

# Online Casinos Casino Games Welcome Bonus Payout % Rating Visit Review
1 Intercasino Intercasino +400 $/£ 500 98,5% 10 Visit Review
2 Golden Riviera Casino Golden Riviera Casino +200 $2500 97,9% 9,8 Visit Review
3 partycasino Party Casino +250 $3000 97,9% 9,8 Visit Review
4 RiverNile Casino RiverNile Casino +250 $1500 97,7% 9,6 Visit Review
5 River Belle River Belle +250 $/£ 100 97,6% 9,6 Visit Review
6 Maple Casino Maple Casino +200 $1250 97,5% 9,5 Visit Review
7 Jackpot City Casino Jackpot City Casino +200 $/£ 500 97,5% 9,5 Visit Review
8 LuckyNugget LuckyNugget +200 $/£ 1000 97,2% 9,3 Visit Review
9 Casino Las Vegas Casino Las Vegas +200 $/£ 400 97,5% 9,3 Visit Review
10 GamingClub Gaming Club +200 $100 96,7% 9,2 Visit Review
11 BlackJackBallroom BlackJackBallroom +250 $500 97,6% 9,1 Visit Review
12 GoldenTiger GoldenTiger +250 $1500 97,3% 9,0 Visit Review
13 LuckyLive LuckyLive +100 $100 97,2% 9,0 Visit Review
14 888 Casino 888 Casino +250 $100 97,4% 9,0 Visit Review
15 Crazy Vegas Casino Crazy Vegas Casino +300 $3000 97,0% 9,0 Visit Review
16 Sun Vegas Casino Sun Vegas Casino +150 $2500 96,9% 9,0 Visit Review
17 Vip Casino Vip Casino +300 $225 96,9% 8,9 Visit Review
18 AztecRichesCasino AztecRichesCasino +200 $850 96,6% 8,7 Visit Review
19 CaptainCooks CaptainCooks +175 $500 96,8% 8,6 Visit Review
20 Vegas Slot Casino Intercasino +200 $700 96,9% 8,6 Visit Review
21 Grand Hotel Casino Grand Hotel Casino +100 $5560 96,7% 8,5 Visit Review
22 SwissCasino SwissCasino +175 $400 96,6% 8,5 Visit Review
23 GrandMondial GrandMondial +150 $2500 96,6% 8,4 Visit Review
24 ZodiacCasino ZodiacCasino +200 $20 97,1% 8,3 Visit Review


What you can find at Online Casinos


There are many online casinos in the world today and while a lot of these online casinos will offer action and content that is unique in the way it is presented to their customers, there are also many points between different online casinos that are the same. Since an online casino is a recreation of something with specific rules and regulations, it is reasonable to see that many online casinos have the basic points of similarity left intact when they have been completed. So, to make you feel better about the online casino concept, here are some things you can find at online casinos that are for the most part exactly the same as you would see at offline casinos.

Staple Games

These are not games that involve the use of staples, but rather games that represent the basics of the casino and the main sources of income. In the offline world, these games in order are usually slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and baccarat. It might please you to know that all of these games are available at every single online casino worth its salt, showing that the similarities between online and offline gaming do definitely exist.

In addition to these staple games, another thing that you can find at most online casinos is multiple versions of the games. For example, every online casino gives you the choice between European Roulette and American Roulette, going one step beyond what you can get at an offline casino. So not only does the similarity exist, but it is something that has been turned to the flavor of the online casinos.

So many casino games to try , so you might want to also visit Gambling.me or if you’re only interested in online poker this guide is also helpful Free Poker.net. Online casinos are a lot about getting the right advice before you start to gamble, so you know what sites are best.